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HOF Marathon Expo is going down this Saturday from 10A-6P. MTM Will be there with a booth and some give-aways. Stop by to help, especially if you used to run and now do CrossFit!

800m Run
21 Deadlift (225/135)
600m Run
15 Hang Power Cleans (185/95)
400m Run
9 Shoulder to Overhead (135/65)
200m Run
21 Thrusters (45/15)

You’ll be changing your own plates in this workout, yes it might be a little bit of a cluster but we’ll work through it together!

Free Class Saturday at 11AM. Give CrossFit a try before signing up for Beginner’s Classes (starting May 5th).

The Hall of Fame Marathon Expo is Saturday from 10AM to 6PM and MTM will have a booth. I’d love to get as many people as possible (especially if you’ve been a runner) to come out and help spread the word about CrossFit!

Nutrition Challenge Check Up tonight from 5:30-7:30P. I’ll be at the gym ready to meet with you one-on-one if you’ve got any questions. You should bring your log book for the first week of the challenge.

Gymnastics Strength
Tabata Hollow Rocks
- Then –
3x20s L-Sit
3×15 Ring Rows

3 Rounds
50 Double Unders
25 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1p)
5 Wall Climbs

Jerry Wilson has Unofficially Qualified for the 2014 CrossFit Games!!! After a weekend of tough WODs and great performances, including the most ridiculous Clean I’ve ever seen, Jerry’s efforts have nabbed him a spot in the big Show! Jerry narrowly missed The Games last year with a 21st place finish (They take the top 20) and we lamented that year’s lack of a second qualifying round. This year we had the Masters Qualifier and were proven right as Jerry jumped from 18th to 8th position!

We’re all extremely proud of Jerry’s efforts and look forward to seeing him compete (and win) out in California in July!

Congrats also go out to Cliff Musgrave who qualified in 2nd for the 45-49 division out of CrossFit Utility and Terry Howard (Jhow’s husband and former MTM members) who qualified out of CrossFit Legacy!

3-Position Squat Snatch (Hi Hang, Hang, Floor)


7 Front Squats (155/105)
7 Burpees (Lateral over Bar)
7 Pull Ups

Reminder: I’ll be at the gym tomorrow (wed) from 5:30-7:30 to answer any nutrition challenge questions you might have! Keep going strong!

Welcome to a brand new week!

Jerry will be finishing up the Masters Qualifier tonight. Things are a little tricky to see but it looks like Jerry has done very well so far and has a great shot for making The Games. One left.

Nutrition Challenge its been a few days, including a weekend, how’s it going? On Wednesday afternoon I’ll be holding some office hours at the gym to go over your first week and answer questions. I’ll be available from 5:30-7:30p for anyone who wants to come in and talk.

5×5 Front Squat (70% of 1RM)

4 Rounds

200m Run
10 hang power cleans (135/95)
10 push ups

Friday Night Lights Tonight at 7:30PM – $10 – open to all!

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The Master’s Qualifier was announced yesterday:

Jerry will be tackling these WODs over the weekend to try and make the Games. He’ll be doing Amanda this morning, The Clean and HSPU WOD Saturday (9A and 10A), and the Pull-Up WOD on Monday. We’d love as many people to come out and cheer/WOD with Jerry as possible, especially tomorrow at 9 and 10.

Partner WOD

20 Deadlifts (225/135)
25′ OH Lunges
25′ OH Lunges

5 Rounds

Partner 1 and 2 complete the deadlifts alternating however they see fit. Partner 1 Lunges with the weight while partner 2 lunges without. They complete the HSPU alternating however they want. Partner 2 Lunges with the weight while partner 1 lunges without.

This is a little long (there’s a 10min break in the center) but this is BY FAR THE BEST VIDEO on Sleep I have ever seen. Watch this and realize how you’re jacking yourself up by not sleeping or by taking sleeping drugs.

Friday Night Lights happening tomorrow at 7:30P. Start your weekend off right!

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3 Rounds
15 Pull Ups (Or 5 MU if unbroken)
200m Run
3 Rounds
15 Burpees
200m Run
3 Rounds
15 WB Sit Ups (20/14)
200m Run
3 Rounds
15 KBS (1.5/1p)
200m Run

This WOD is 12 rounds total. Every 3 Rounds you move to the next couplet.

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about with North Canton’s best workout!
Friday Night Lights returns this Friday at 7:30PM!

Master’s Qualifier goes down this weekend. Tomorrow we’ll find out the 4 WODs that Jerry will be performing. We’ll release a schedule Friday morning of when he’ll be completing them. Then we want as many people to do the WODs with him as possible. Hopefully this will all fall on Saturday but it’s all up in the air till we know the events.

yesterday saw some great speed development with people getting to the bottom position hard and fast! We’ll keep working getting under the bar with light weights over the next several weeks.

Tabata Hollow Rocks
A.) 3×15 Ring Rows
B.) 3×10 Pistol Squats (each leg)

(Done as a superset: A first then with little rest do B)

3 Rounds
20 Wallballs (20/14)
20 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
40 Double Unders

2014 “Spring into Summer” Nutrition Challenge – At long last here is the Nutrition Challenge in both 2014 Spring into Summer Nutrition Challenge (pdf) and 2014 Spring into Summer Nutrition Challenge (Excel). Choose a version, print it or don’t, make your plan, execute and record your progress. This challenge is you v. you. Let’s get it!

Last weeks testing and the current cycle

Plenty of people asked last week about testing and what we’re working on this cycle. The answer is a little more complex than it’s been in the past: Skill and Met-con.

Last week’s testing was designed to give me an idea of where we, as a gym, are lacking in skill development. Not just the simple “let’s all work a muscle up” but also the more hidden info within the numbers. Why can people power clean and Jerk more than they can Squat Clean? Why do we fail on high rep HSPU? And so on.

Last week was about exposing problems so that we can make a plan that addresses them. We’ll still be squatting regularly but it will be at weights and reps that are below maximally effective. We’ll also be rotating movements more frequently than is truly effective for super-fast gains. In short: We’re still trying to make our squat go up just not so much that it interferes with the rest of our workouts.

We’ll also be working on our Met-Con. Metabolic Conditioning is the base of CrossFit. It is literally “The WOD” but it’s also more than that. Think breathing WODs. Pushing for one more rep while your lungs are burning. These are the type of continuously moving met-cons that we’ll be trying to improve.

High Hang Squat Snatch

2 AMRAPs – 1min Rest between

KBS (1.5/1p)
Push Press (75/55)
Row (Cals)
Air Squat
Box Jump (24/20)

Welcome to a brand new week! Hopefully everyone had the chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine this weekend because the weather is supposed to be a roller coaster this week!

The 2014 Spring into Summer Nutrition Challenge Details will be posted later this morning. I apologize for the delay. To accommodate for planning and prep the Challenge will officially start on Wednesday.

6 reps x 3 sets High Bar Back Squat (70% of Last Weeks 1RM)

1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45)
30 Pull Ups

HUGE Thanks to Coach Rob and everyone who helped keep the gym running smoothly yesterday while I was taken ill.

Free Class Today at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about!

Teams of 2

“The 100′s”

100 Pull Ups
100 KBS (1.5/1p)
100 Double Unders
100 OHS (95/65)

- 1 Working at a Time –